Wastewater Brine Management Through Deep Well Injection

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process and other membrane filtration processes are now widely used for tertiary wastewater treatment, water reclamation, and desalinization facilities. These water purification processes generate high solids concentration brine. Managing such brine is critically important for expanded and sustainable water reclamation worldwide.

The professional engineers and earth scientists at GeoEnvironment Technologies have worldwide experience and advanced expertise designing, permitting, constructing, and operating deep well injection facilities for wastewater and brine management.

Deep well injection provides significant environmental advantages over alternatives brine management options, including:

  • Eliminating impact on surface water and shallow groundwater;
  • Reducing or eliminating costly long-distance pipelines and ocean outfalls;
  • Reducing surface imprint and land use impairment;
  • Providing a sustainable local management option for urban areas and facilities

City of Los Angeles Injection Data

City of Los Angeles Injection Data: Cumulative Volume Injected